May 8, 2009

2 Lists...

Things I miss about Sunny Southern California

1. Drivers on the freeway. They are everything you want and more.
2. Sand, ocean, sand, ocean, sand, ocean.
3. Pedros Tacos- south one
4. The cuts you get on your feet when surfing at San O
5. Not knowing if it's going to be overcast & hot all day, or just when you're at the beach, and all you see is clouds but you are sweating, you know it's a good day.
6. Hearing Drew talk about how he can't wait to live there.
7. Wearing your bathing suit and maybe a top when going into places like the bank..and not feeling weird about it.
8. H & M, Drew goes crazy and gets the urge to shop.
9. Passing San Clemente High School and feeling home sick.
10. My grandparent's beach house in Carlsbad.
11. How there are things to do besides hiking and go to the Super 8 movie theater.
12. My family, basically all of them.
13. The drive between Camino Capistrano & Beach Cities... my favorite.
14. Being in a bathing suit always.
15. IN N OUT of course.
16. Charlee my puppy.
17. No paranoia of snow coming.
18. Familiar faces everywhere you go.
19. How everyone I went to middle school & high school with are still in San Clemente. (they're the smart ones)
20. Anticipating your sushi/fish/seafood order, not being scared of it.

Things I do NOT miss about Sunny Southern California

1. How you have to drive everywhere to get anywhere. And if you attempt to bike ride, you will be murdered by the hills.
2. Traffic.
3. The lack of seasons.
4. The small show venues.
5. The lack of young married wards.
6. How hard it is to find really cool places to photograph that does not contain an ocean behind and sand below.

That's about it. I'm sure I missed a few on my top list, but we clearly know that California is meant for us. My Dad gave me & Drew (mainly me) a talk on the way to the airport about how I should be optimistic about wherever we are and how there is only one time in your life when you're a student & young and du du du du du. It's not that I'm not optimistic, I just know better! Since we're both not going to school both spring & summer, I think I will appreciate Provo more. I just haven't been here for more than 2 weeks without going to school... so this will be new & fun I think.. (with like 3 more trips to California of course before Fall starts up again). I am going to suffer through it, because I really want to graduate, but you know if Drew gets an offer beforehand....


Julie said...

Elise, I have the answer for all of the things you don't miss...Temecula!!! We have seasons (sorta), lots of young families, tons of cool places to photograph...all this while you're only 30 minutes from the beach, close to your parents, and even closer to your grandparents! So, think about it. Or, come for a visit and try it on for size, okay?

alexismunoadyer said...

oh my little california girl! Come back! we shoulda high fived on the freeway.

i had in-n-out today and will have to pour one out for you next time we are there.

give provo town a kiss for me.