May 2, 2009

L is for the way you look at me...

Drew & I have been in California for almost 2 weeks now and we are LOVING IT! We can't wait to get back here after we are done at BYU. A lot of great events have been happening, most importantly, Heather & Taylor's wedding!!!!!!! (I am realizing I am not the BEST blogger when it comes to update people on what we've been up to like holidays and special things happening to special people in our lives...) So today is the day and I wish them all the best! Drew & I are lucky to be there to see the ceremony and I get to wear a pretty pink dress and follow Heather all day taking pretty pictures (me IN the pictures this time :). I promise I WILL update on today for sure.

Because today is the wedding, last night was their wedding dinner and I had to give a little speech. Oh man, I literally walked up in front of everyone (60 ppl) and first looked at Heather, and couldn't help but cry. Luckily I got through the poem that I had written without needing kleenexs. Gosh, with all the weddings I photograph, rarely do I leave feeling more in love because I am so focused not to miss any moment of the bride & groom's. But when I am the guest at a wedding, all I do is fall more and more in love with Drew. I didn't even think that was humanly possible! I get to remember the times ( 9 months ago ) where I was really nervous, and excited to finally get married and see what it's like to have your better half with you CONSTANTLY! I wouldn't trade any of it for anything

ps. I am so terrible at taking pictures of the two of us because I am always behind the camera, but luckily we have a camera on my lap top...It was taken 3-4 months ago. I will most likely be posting more of little things we've done recently later.

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