May 16, 2009

Real Simple.
You know those unbearably, awkward activities at church or school classes where you have to write down what describes you? Well, those two words always come to mind. Well, really just the word 'simple', but I use the word 'real' in almost every other sentence so it counts right? Anyways... I enjoy reading the magazine REAL SIMPLE  | life made easier | and read it 3-4 times through within a month (until the next issue). I can easily relate to the quotes they choose to put in there, and I only dream to become as organized and great at decorating as they teach.

I was just reading it a second ago (while dying this dress that takes forever) and I loved this quote because if you know me, it's pretty funny. 

This was on a section called WHAT IS THE BEST THING MONEY CAN'T BUY? in reference to plunge our economy has taken. 

Sand between your toes. The sand on the beaches that stretch for miles and miles. Wet sand. Hot sand. Sand in sand castles. Sand in $1 plastic buckets. Sand under your beach towel. Sand on your beach towel. Sand in your floorboards 1,000 miles away from the beach when you make it back home.
Linda Dill
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


Laura Hendricks said...

SO rediculously excited for our trip. so REAL SIMPLE is the secret ingredient? huh...i'll have to hit up the library to see if i can check them out. your california pics are cute.

Julie said...

that IS the perfect quote for you! you should frame it and put it up on your wall that's 1000 miles away.

meeshw said...

Love the quote! I love it when I am at work and something makes me smile...thanks.

Liese said...

im so tempted to buy this magazine! btw...elise, i saw this and thought of you. check it out.

Life of Dani said...
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Life of Dani said...

sand..IN YOUR BED!


Elyse said...

I have a subscription and I LOVE it. I also just dream of being that organized. I want them to come decorate my house!