Apr 20, 2009

Disney's Aladdin supports Happy Sumo?????

A few weeks ago, I went to sushi with some old friends and we had a great time. I then found out that at Happy Sumo (where we were) gives half off on Mondays on certain items, and on Tuesdays, half off your ENTIRE BILL! Well, we were there on Monday so we got a deal on some appetizers and basic rolls. So the next week, on a Tuesday Bree was visiting us, and we decided to out with our friends John & Laura. Mind you, that Drew & I only go to Happy Sumo together when we have something to celebrate because it is more on the expensive side. So we were STOKED to go on Tuesday because half off? Are you joking! GREAT NEWS! We sit down and I bring up the deal to our waitress, Jasmine, just in case it was a scam, and she said, "Yeah except for desserts and special rolls." So we're kinda bummed that the vegas roll is full price, but who cares. Everything is so cheap anyways. We were having a great time until the bill comes. $44.00 ... excuse me? Okay so they really were joking??? I am set off the wall. I tried my hardest not to cause a scene because I am always one that hates when people do that but I even asked our waitress BEFORE we ordered that it was half-off. Laura (the brave one) goes to get our waitress..and she says to her that one of us had to be "VIP". Okay well, I do remember that the time I went with my girlfriends, I signed a little vip card on the back of my bill, and I was supposed to get an email after that saying I was a "VIP". Well little miss Jasmine decided to withhold that information from us from the beginning and I was SO mad! John was trying to hide and even leave because he was worried I would cause a scene. Luckily I didn't. I just couldn't believe that a nice restaurant with a nice reputation would do this. Drew was pretty mad too, and went to get the manager. Well, the manager didn't even do anything, except take off our $4.00 appetizer. HA. It was more insulting than ever. We ended up paying the $44.00 and left, not happy campers. I will NEVER go there again and either shall any of you. The next day, Drew is walking out of his work, and in that same hallway is a drinking fountain. Guess who's using the drinking fountain. Jasmine. She is in fact, a cougar.

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alexismunoadyer said...

oh great. Dang. Well Jasmine did grow up in a palace so she may not full understand that $44 is not cheap.

I have some kind of birthday pass.. I will have to look into what that does.

xox happy finals!