Apr 23, 2009

Family FINALLY visiting us in Utah...

Drew & I are in California right now, so I thought I'd post about when they recently came to Utah before I get too ahead of my blog posts :)

Yes, my family came for conferance weekend and it was a BLAST! We had so much fun going to restaurants, renting a movie on the TV in their hotel, getting lost in their hotel, and going to conferance. And my little brother Blake scoring tickets for priesthood session...getting the three of them 10 rows away from the pulpit. Because Bree wanted to see what Provo was like, and you know, the scene, we had her stay with us for a week after my parents left. It was harder than I thought to entertain, but I think she got by :) You can see some of her photos here..She took some of me that I should post. They're pretty cool. Go Bree! Oh and not only did Bree get to stay with us after my parents left, but Charlee drove with them here to Provo, and while they stayed in 3 diff. hotels, Charlee stayed with us! We loved it and it def. made us want to get a puppy..a puppy that stays a puppy though.
My favorite part of the entire weekend... going on a bike ride with the kiddies before sunday dinner at the Lundquist's... and Charlee got molested by a rescue dog. No owner.

Bean Museum with our dear Abigail. She slept over and absolutely loves Bree. Always has.

Bree has introduced me to ---drum roll please, the curling iron. 


Lauren said...

Elise! How are you? Love the blog, girl! Hope you're doing well! <3 Lauren

where did you get your leather bag? I love itt

Laura Hendricks said...

Laura and I borrowed your bikes last night and I accidentally got sponsored by FOX Racing

alexismunoadyer said...

ok why didn't we have the sisters meet? It seems they would have loved each other.

Yours looks just like you! Beautiful!

Maybe its a generation gap that niether one of us is skilled with the curling iron, but somehow our sisters own it.

You two are too cute.