Jan 29, 2009

Drew's many faces that come with his words.

         "Give me a good explanation as to why you bought toothpaste with a warm color."

                                                             "Sun, is that you???"

                                                      "You'll come out someday, I know."

                                               "Elise, that dude keeps checking me out."

                              "Hehehehehe, little do you know I have a suprise for you!" 

                      "Maestro's ? Really ? It's like ten dollars for a scoop and a fancy cup."

                         "I didn't know I wasn't supposed to put that in the dishwasher."

                                                     "How can you be mad at this face?"


Aubrey said...

great pics elise! you and your hubby are so cute!

Laura Hendricks said...

you guys are cool. you guys are our neighbors. that makes you cool neighbors.