Feb 3, 2009


-Why would anyone, in their right mind, put couches in a bathroom, especially BYU bathrooms? 
-Why would anyone, in their right mind, let themselves fall ASLEEP on these couches, or study on them?
-Postal Service, I can't stand their music anymore. I go crazy when I hear them.
-I think anyone that has been to the movies multiple times in the last few years, knows to turn their cell phone off, or atleast on silent. So please cinemark, cinemas... please don't bluntly remind us before the film starts.
-Pretty, pretty, pretty please Drew, can we please paint our walls? I promise you will love it, and maybe even have fun while painting.
-Never buy any books from BYU. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do, just don't try to return it, or they will hunt you down and find you and leave your remains for everyone on campus to see.
-Su, why you gotta not write a new post on your long lost blog? Smelly fish... I mean come on.
-New Utah license plate. Come on Drew, really? Okay fine.
-Our christmas gift from mitch & lindsay has yet to be heard from... the needle needs to be replaced :( but we have a bon ivers record to listen to when we do fix it.
-"No Cougar administration, you can't stop us from starting a blog against you."
-Snow/blizzard/rain/hail...please do NOT come on February the 7th when I have a wedding to photograph at the SLC temple.


Kristen Elizabeth said...

Okay you are so adorable! I totally agree with the whole couch thing first of all! Why do people sleep on them I am way disgusted by it! I love your little frustrations because that feels like the story of my life lately! I would totally love to share healthy recipes with you! Can we like make cook books or something? I love you girl!

Catherine Williams Photography said...

one time i was in the hfac after 11pm and i walked into that bathroom and turned on the light and there was a girl asleep on the couch. do people live there?! seriously. also, have you ever been lucky enough to see someone EATING on those couches? i really cannot understand it.

Elyse said...

Yes, DO paint your walls, it's so fun and totally worth it! And I agree about the couches--I HATE them. Just knowing someone is sleeping out there while I'm going to the bathroom gives me stage fright. Can't do it.

Melly Mel said...

ha ha this was good. I love this one. I love Bon Iver's record as well!