Jan 26, 2009

Dharma Initiative

Well, the sneak, secret attack is about to be posted. Now I must warn you, it may not be that scary, or funny, or thoughtful to any of you, especially if you don't have a lover, or have lived in a cave for the past 5 years and not watched a season of ABC's Lost. 

Drew and I watch Lost habitually, and are almost finishing with season 4. Then, we will be up to date with everyone and can talk openly about all the mysteries and characters on the special island. But until we are up to date, we continue to watch it with each other, before bed, or when we wake up if it's a weekend. We watch it so much, that sometimes I get scared to get up during the show, to go get a glass of water, or run to the restroom. The music in Lost is the worst, and we've noticed that it changes with each season.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, my sister invited me to get a facial done with her at her place. While I was there, Drew was going to put some hours in at work and finish things up by the time I got home. Well, I left by 6, and was home by around 8pm. He had texted me all night, asking me if I would be so kind to text him almost every 5 minutes until I was home. Like when I was getting off the freeway, or 3 minutes away, or so close to home. I had begun to think that he had some romantic dessert date with me, or candles set up. When I pull up, all lights were on, and when I get out of my car, I hear him playing his guitar in our bedroom SO LOUD (but really he had just submitted his first and last blog post and luckily started playing music as I opened the door). I am standing at the door, with no house key cuz I left it in the house, and so I am hoping that he would hear my little knocks. He finally did, and I walk in, kinda sad that nothing was set up and I shouldn't have gotten so hopeful on the way home. 

I open my camera bag, where I took out a camera and lens that I had for the weekend from my work. I borrowed a tilt-shift lens, one that is so fun and so new to me. I wanted to take photographs of Drew...so I did. And he kept saying, aren't you hungry? We didn't eat dinner remember? Did you eat dinner? It's so late, let's go look in the kitchen for food. I didn't take these as hints, but the usual cries for food every hour from Drew.

So we walk in the kitchen, and I continue taking photographs of him. He walks over to the toaster, the fridge, the stove...just looking so hungry. So I give him the camera to hold as I look in the pantry for food. He's just snapping away, which I'm going to admit, was kinda fun. I'm never on the other side of the camera. I sit down at the table and am happy I finally will have maybe one picture and proof that I existed during this part of my life. Anyways, way off... haha... I walk over to the fridge, open it up, and saw what I thought was my worst nightmare. Nothing was in the  fridge, everything had been taken out, all my favorite condiments and salsa and MILK. What was in the fridge though, was Dharma Initiative food. The black and white labels we (Lost viewers) become quite familiar with. Drew is still hittin' the shutter, blocking his face while I am almost in tears. What had gone through my mind was this:

a) Someone knows, or stalks us, and just knows we watch Lost every night and wanted to play a prank.
b) Maybe Dharma is real and somehow we were stuck in the show.
c) Drew and his printer he uses at work.

A) was the most sensible thing through my head at this time. I am asking, almost screaming at Drew to have him come look, when he does, he is in shock too. He lets off a little smirk, and from then on, I knew it was him that had pulled such a "sweet" prank on me. But he wouldn't admit to it. Usually I can get Drew to admit to something really quick, but this time, it was different. It went on for a long time. He left the area of the fridge, and kept taking more photographs. Once he saw the tears fall from my cheeks, that's when he pulled the camera away and said he was sorry and that he thought I would laugh and love it so much! 

Anyways, here are the photographs to go along with the story. He had some cans and things in the pantry as well with these labels. 

Obviously still not knowing Drew was behind it.

After I realized that it really was Drew and not some creepy "other".

The fridge AFTER we put the food back in (it was all sitting in our guest room in boxes). Luckily, the milk did not go bad.


trevor huish said...

that is so rad drew!!!

huishbooks said...

that is the coolest thing i have ever seen!! can you dharma our fridge?