Dec 1, 2008

Together at last, (our story part II)

So March 17th comes along (the day my niece was born!), and Caitlin, and Drew and I are hanging out. It was a school day, so only Drew had to leave to go to school, and I later went to the library to study. I sent him a text message saying that I would play at open mike. He knows I've been wanting to, but would get the worst stage fright I would literally wet my pants. So finally I had to tell him it was a joke and he asked me.. "well would you come and play with me?" I of course said yes and a few hours later, with little practice time, I was up there singing with Drew. Little did I know that this song was written about me and I couldn't sleep without telling him of my undying love for him. Well, he thought the same way which blew my mind, and we decided to not hide our massive crushes, but start dating!!!! (Remember the day we went to Salt Lake to do those engagements? Well, their wedding was in the April, and he drove down to California with me to photograph their wedding and we got to hang out with my family and be at the beach for about a week. It was the car ride back that the word marriage come up from HIS mouth!!!!!!!!!!) 

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