Dec 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

So the night before Thanksgiving... we all (Drew's family and us) went to my aunt-in-law's home in Sandy that is totally vacant.. but not so vacant at the same time. It is a mansion, well more like a hotel, with a home theatre inside. They decided to rent "Journey to the Center of the Earth" because they thought it'd be crazy with the sounds. That was so fun and something I haven't done in a long time. Then, slept over that night and woke up to thanksgiving already in the making. Drew's mom is such a cook. I feel like every meal we have at their house is always thanksgiving. Here is a photograph from the day..wish I brought my camera with me.

In the meantime, we have a cat hanging out at our house in Provo. Shaundra & Darron Hatch needed us to watch him, Nacho, while they went to California. I gladly offered thinking that it'd be so fun for Drew & I. Well, I am not quite the cat person I thought I could be. The whole time, I was worried that if it was not in my sight, it was up to something mischievous.. which sometimes it was! Anyways. Drew got a lot of laughs out about me and Nacho. He said I talk to it like a toddler. He grew up with a cat and knows most about them and thought I am meant for dogs. It turns out, that I really am meant for dogs! They came on Sunday night to pick him up, and about ten minutes after they left, my body became really itchy, and I realized that the red bumps on my arms (that I thought were spider bites from the Capener's basement, are really the beginning of hives and that I am allergic to baby Nacho. It's comical really because either I would be worried the cat was gnawing at some piece of furniture, or I was cuddling with him until he just couldn't handle me anymore. My mom and my brother Mitch are allergic to cats. Hm. Who woulda thought. 

Right before he left..

He loved our piano (which we just sold :( so we could make our living room a place where people could actually sit instead of stare at it...)


Aubrey said...

Sad! I'm totally allergic to cats too. It's ok though...I've always been more of a dog person anyway.

ThE RoOkIeS said...

Awww Im so sorry you were allergic! But that is a freaking cute picture of you and Nacho!

Melly Mel said...

How cute are you to. I love the shots you have. I wish you guys could have a cat.