Nov 30, 2008

Just friends.. (our story part 1)

Once upon a time, Drew and I met October of 2007 with his roommate Clay. A couple weeks later, Caitlin had told me she was already acquainted with Drew, and she and I became real good friends with him. I had a mad crush on him ever since I had met him, but kept my mouth shut because I thought Drew was way too out of my league. He kept giving hints while I still kept hush and we finally spent one whole day together in the beginning of April, by ourselves! We went to Salt Lake because he asked me if I needed an assistant while photographing some engagements. Of course I took the offer, and it ended up being a whole day date... The below pictures are of our friend stage, from October - March 2008.

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Cheryl said...

I love it! Especially the last picture.