Nov 10, 2008

Ray Lamontagne show

For Drew's 23rd birthday, he got TWO parties. A suprise party that I threw for him on his birthday (will post later maybe? I'm so behind)..and one that his parent's gave for him and his brother-in-law Trevor. They took us ALL (minus Abigail who refused to go, but changed her mind at the last minute, and still couldn't go), to see Ray Lamontagne. He was an AMAZING performer and the band really gave the crowd something to listen to. It was such a great show. I liked the opener, Leona Naess. But that's cuz I'm way into girl music. Drew complained the whole time about her. Anyways... Drew had introduced me to Ray while we were friends because he was always listening to him, and I really fell in love with him (and drew) while we were dating. Our seats were kinda far back, so we couldn't get any great shots with our cell phones, but we did take some while we waited!!! 

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Melly Mel said...

How fun! I hear his show is great! i LOVE LEONA.