Nov 7, 2008

Music music music.

As most of you know, Drew is a musician and plays here in Utah. One of his recent ones was playing at this new cafe type place called Dew. My sister in law's sister was showing some of her photography from the places she loves and has traveled to. So She asked Drew to play while people walked around. It was nice. This is a photo from it. You can view more on my photography blog in the "places" section. Then you can view Drew's most recent show that my Mom was able to go to a couple weekends ago... at Velour. He was very grateful to be playing with everyone with Northplatte Records. They are amazing musicians also and they are all such good friends. That is also on my blog under the music section. I love Drew.

ps. a friend of mine that didn't go to our wedding reception wants to see pictures... but I don't really have any :( I will try to scrounge some up... then post about the day and the honeymoon on my blog. But in the meantime, view my photographer's  site... you can see it. Just put your email in. Jonathan Canlas, remember him from my old blog? How I told him I wanted him for my wedding, and 8 months later, I really did? Yeah. 

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Melly Mel said...

I think Greg needs to hear him. Drew is great! Such a talented musician.