Nov 4, 2008

Another day in Cougar town.

We have been quite busy this last week, and will continue until the end of the semester..we are positive. In my 2D class, we were assigned to take a masterpiece of whatever medium, and reproduce it, Dr. Seuss style. I was super excited. So anxious that I even worked 14 hours on it. I thought it was due today, so I walk in, holding my head high with it, and I look around and no one had theirs. It's due NEXT Tuesday :/ ... So I will work on it some more just for the heck of it. And then I will post it. 

For some rad art to look at ...check out my brother-in-law's Trevor Huish's art.

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C-Rod said...

Ha yeah my middle name is paul and the logo CPR medical term, band-aids are used by doctors, and yes i aid in creativity and design :) i love you guys