Oct 31, 2008

What about DREW?!

Silly me, I spend one whole post talking about myself...let's talk about Drew's 6 "unspectacular quirks".

1) If anyone goes near his acoustic guitar, they will not live to see another day.

2) No washing of any clothes, ever. Okay, I mean just jeans and t-shirts. But serious. This was kind of a big adjustment for me. We had a talk about this, that if he doesn't want it washed, don't put it in the hamper with all the rest of the soon to be washed DIRTY clothes. He claims they're not dirty and it will keep the color and quality lasting longer. Whatever that means.

3) He talks about Sweden about 4-6 times a day. The busier he gets, the less he talks about it. But to keep the numbers low, he will refer to his "mission".

4) Desserts, every night, without fail. Let's just say that I wish I have a metabolism like his.

5) He loves to have a play on words. He's actually quite a genius at it. This is an example of his rapping skills, but just knowing how to manipulate a word and forming it with another word..to make it so funny. I don't even know if you guys can get what I just said.

6) He eats cough drops like candy. I forgot the name of the brand, but he says it doesn't matter and they don't have such an effect on your throat anyways. He also told me that he's been eating them since he was a kid! Man, I am so the opposite. If I can avoid medicine in any way, I will find that way. He just loves them. No matter how many times I have told him I really would not like one, he will still ask me, in case I've changed my mind.


Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

Those are so fun! I love learning more about my new brother! I have the same one with the clothes!!! And Mitchy was so funny, I was reading him Elise's and he started laughing really hard at the milk one and I said, "What?" and he said- "I have the exact same one...milk can't be out for more than like one second"- he doesn't even let the bottom touch the counter! You Lundquist's!
Miss you guys!

Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

By the way, did you hear, my sister is engaged...Kim!