Oct 30, 2008

Tagged! Oh and you're it!

Okay so my darling sister in law tagged me.. I guess its 6 "unspectacular quirks" of mine. Well I could go on for days and days and days on those... Drew and some of my closest friends can attest to that.

1) I can't sleep with the doors open. I've been like that since as long as I can remember. If it is, I freak out and just stare at the door, hoping it magically closes. I was just telling Drew the other night, how the night before my wedding, I went to bed at around 11pm, and my mom popped her head in to say goodnight or something, and forgot to shut the door. Then Bree was walking across the room, and I yelled "BREE! CAN YOU SHUT THE DOOR!?" She told me to do it myself! But I know she was just saying that cuz she heard that SO many times in my high school years, living across the hall from her.

2) Milk or any dairy product cannot be outside of the fridge for a long period of time..."a long time" as in 60 seconds. For instance, milk that's used for cereal... I cannot have it sitting on the table until breakfast is done and it's time to clean up. It need to be put away right after it's used to go into the bowl. I feel like it loses its taste and it slowly gets warmer every second it's not in the fridge.

3) If I am not multi-tasking, I tune out and forget that I have things to do. Which I guess can be a great way to relax, but it's not so good if I purposely set aside time to be at the BYU library for 4 hours, and spend 3.5 of it reading people's blogs.

4) Music always needs to be playing or I go crazy. Luckily we have a piano and guitars and all sorts of instruments laying around the house in case my IPOD dies and the speakers explode unexpectedly. (ps. my IPOD is in fact dead today. And I walked almost a mile to school, singing in my head)

5) I people watch.. examples are: I count how many people are in the room, who is from what state, and try to guess what they're thinking about. Like are they really listening to this boring lecture or is something exciting going on in their heads. That's normal for me to do right?

6) I love to send "thank you" cards. My in law family were the first to point this out to me. I just have noticed the impact it's had on me in my life when people send me one, and it has made me addicted to it! Drew has been sucked into this curse and he'll thank me later for it...Hmm doubt it. 

Okay. Now, I tag.. only to see if people actually read this blog. 

Chelsea, Elyse (Garlock soon to be!), Missy, Kate, Liese, and Kristin.


Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

Those are so much fun, it is crazy how well I know you but also there are so many little things that I don't know! But I love learning them! Does Drew have any good ones that you have learned or noticed? We miss you so much! Call me soon and lets iChat so you can see the babies! Love you!

Chelsea G. said...

hah i love it you are so fun and cute!!.. i can totally picture you trying to guess where people are from and what they are thinking.. loves it