Oct 29, 2008


For Drew's 23rd birthday, we decided to buy a piano. Well I had tried doing it in secret... but it is so incredibly hard doing that when we share the same bank accounts and are with each other almost 24/7. So after breaking down and telling him it's too hard to figure out the piano gift thing unless he helped. All he did was go on KSL.COM and there was this beauty.. from 1888, and they sold it to us for $300.00. They just wanted it out of their garage and were so happy to have it finally gone. It sits in our living room and it keeps us company!! We love it! I've been meaning to polish it, and hire a guy to come tune it, but that will just have to wait til' his next birthday...just kidding :0

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g. lock said...

love the piano. i wanna come over and see it in person!