Oct 27, 2008


So we got together with some friends and carved pumpkins! Well first, we went and picked them out. You can see more photos from the pumpkin patch on my photography blog: www.elisethephotographer.blogspot.com. While carving, we all learned that Drew likes to spell "pumpkin" - "pumkin", probably some utah accent type language.. and that people love to make fun of the fact that the last time I carved pumpkins was when I was very young.. But it was such a blast and will most likely make it a fall tradition. 

What I want you all to do...is vote on YOUR favorite pumpkin! Then I will say who did which pumpkin!

There are four crosses, one on each side of the pumpkin. 

A spider of course!

An owl!

? Not sure.. ?

A witch..sexy witch?

A pumpkin.

A scaredy cat.


Andrew Clifford Capener said...

I think the one in the first picture is the hottest. Far right. Checkered t shirt, ear-rings. wow.

T. and J. Huish said...

the witch is the best by far!!

cheryl said...

Beau says the scaredy cat, Livia says the spider. Sadie didn't say anything...sorry. Tess & Tayli are at YW's so they can't vote. And I say the witch! If I could ever get Ryan to look at a blog, I am sure he would agree with me, so make that 2 witches! (:

Chelsea G. said...

you guys are so talented! i really like the owl

Julie said...

Definitely the which...but maybe the owl...either way, it's way more time than I'm willing to spend on a pumpkin. Good job, guys!

ps-I love Drew's vote. aaaawwww!

Melly Mel said...

How cute. I like this.