Nov 12, 2008

Rain rain, go stay.

It's raining outside, and whenever it rained in California, man would I just snuggle up on the couch and eat mac n cheese. Of course I wasn't doing anything productive, except thinking of what an amazing chance I get to relax. That's how I feel now, but Drew doesn't get home for atleast another four hours. SO, I will take a nap because we stayed up late watching The Visitor...guys gotta rent it! It's in the Red Box.... and woke up early for class at 9am. So regardless of the weather, I think I would sleep. And I deserve it. I took my last mid-term last night and feel good about being done, and not so good about the testing center, which I learned real fast that Cougars call it, "Satan's labyrinth". Maybe I will post on the wedding and honeymoon when I wake up. I would watch Grey's Anatmony, but I have to wait until Friday morning to do that.... and I could do a lot of homework...but no. I'm going to nap, and then, eat mac n cheese, of course when Drew gets home.

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