Nov 21, 2008


Ever since we started our married blog, I can never do things I need to do! Like right now, I have to write a 5-7 page paper: due Monday morning for D&C, find the most amazing 15 quotes about marital communication also by Monday at 2pm, decorate 27 chickens by Monday, clean our piano, organize under our bathroom sink, CLEAN the bathroom sink, and prepare dinner tonight. I did just submit a bunch of homework to my D&C teacher, who I adore and want to be just like, but it's impossible to get an A in her class because she is "Dr. G.." and knows everything there is to know about D&C AND english. 

So anyways. that was really my to do list and it helps me organize my thoughts. Now that I've blogged, I can move on. 

ps. 1 more month til CALIFORNIA for 2.5 weeks!!!!!!

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sarah marie. said...

thanks for your comment. you actually look so familiar and it's driving me crazy. maybe i've just seen you around..