Nov 22, 2008

New family tradition?

Out of habit, Drew likes to keep a plate clean during his eating times. He says that it started on his mission, where it almost turned into a competition, which missionary could keep their plate cleanest by the end of the meal. Well this subject was brought up during one of our dinners recently. We had burritos and I was just spilling everywhere (1st photograph), and I noticed that his plate was spic and span..well compared to my masterpiece. We thought this is a good idea to use for our kids (someday) when they really just don't want to eat all their peas and broccoli. 


sarah marie. said...

no. isn't that weird that we had the same name?

Greg & Ali said...

Hey!!! We are doing well...I try to keep up on my blog, but as you can tell I am not too good at it...What have you guys been up to? How is married life treating you?

Melly Mel said...

that tradition of being messy could be from our family?