Nov 19, 2008

5-6 minutes of fame

Drew comes home one night and tells me that a "Sweden mission buddy" Adam, is in the broadcasting major at BYU and wants to film Drew about his love and passion for music. Sure enough, they come about 3 days later to our house... and I'm hanging out while they're setting up, when I hear Adam asking Drew if it's okay if I am interviewed separately as well. WHAT!!!! There is no way. Well to make a long story short, with a different shirt and lipstick on, we decided that it'd be best to be interviewed together. That calmed my nerves and I only ended up saying a few things... so it should be good. Well anyways.. if you want to see Drew and his story with why he does what he loves... and our home, photographs of his shows that I've photographed, and video clips of him playing and being interviewed... tune into on Saturday. THIS Saturday! I'm not exactly sure about the time but all I know is that it's about 5-6 minutes long. So tune into our blog and you'll find out soon the exact time it will air on KBYU.

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Cheryl said...

When will you be on again? Do they ever give you a time? Let me know, the kiddies and I would love to see it.