Jan 3, 2014

Finn @ 14 months Jan 2014

New Years Day- just a couple days after he was officially 14 mos. We went to T Street with JJ and his (at the time) girlfriend Jenna.
Things I want to remember of Finn lately, mainly words he says commonly:

Loody (Lady)
Otay!!! (Okay)
He randomly said "hello" to me, perfectly, when I walked into his room to get him out of his crib from his nap. I laughed so hard and tried to get him to say it again but no way.
Nana (banana)
Nigh Nigh (night night)
Dada (Papa...haha, Drew really wants to be called Papa but he just seems to still say "Dada"! Its funny.
Ewa (Ella)
Shz (shoes)
Dahhht (Hot)
Oh wow!
Didi (Mickey)
One time said: Gabba for Yo Gabba Gabba but only said it once.

Always waves bye bye when I say it's time for night night. Either for nap or for bedtime, its a ritual to say goodnight to all three of us.

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