Dec 2, 2013

11 months

This here was one of the hardest times of trying to get a photo, and doesn't explain him at all, because he really is the happiest baby..but he was stuck inside a lot that day and when I finally let him outside, he just wanted to run around and not stand for a photo. And I only had two shots left on my film roll and needed to send in the film the next day so this was basically all I could get! I feel so sad for him here cuz we forced him to sit there and man was he mad! 

Started walking unexpectedly on 9/29. 

He finally got a social security # on Oct 15

Picky eater now. Really shakes his head if he doesn't want to eat it. Also purposely shoving food off high chair when he's done so lady can eat it and thinks its hilarious.

Was Nannyed by Bree for 7 days while mama and papa were in NYC

Copies us. Mimics what we say. Has said "nigh night" and "hazel" and other sounds we make. Also thinks he's in conversation with us. On his own he'll say: Says things like: cars, birdie, night night, mama

Loves Mr. bear and cuddles him every morning.

Enjoys laying down on pillows and things.

Recognizes "home" when we pull into the driveway. And gets giddy.

Does this excited laugh that's super high pitched and cute.

Doesn't want us to hold his hand and wants to walk everywhere by himself. 

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