Apr 30, 2013

Finn at 4 months old

What 4 months for Finn looked like:

>First time in Hawaii (my first too!)- he was ahhhmazing on the plane. Any later, no way.
>First time eating food (in hawaii)- avocado- hated it and it's probably because I hate avocados too! Everything else he loves.
>Our first time at the LACMA
>First time to Catalina
>First time to Palm Springs- spent some time with the Capeners (See photos below by Jessie)
>First time in a pool! He loves water way too much. Gotta watch that kid when he starts to get mobile.
>Starting to scoot (more like army crawl), slowly but surely..
>Discovered books and that you can turn pages, not just eat them.
>Starting to sit on his own, again slowly but surely!
Finn at 4.5 months-written on March 20th.

Finn is blowing my mind these days. I always thought 6 months was my favorite age for kids..until I had a 4.5 month old. Everyday, his development increases..when he was so tiny it was hard to see him change or learn something new..but now I see in..even from morning to night he has become a different baby. 

Some things I love most:

-When I come get him first thing in the morning, he is usually full seal stance, nothing above his hips touching the crib, and he's looking around. I come in and say "Good morning sweetness" and without seeing me yet, he gets a big grin on his face and then when I scratch his back, he lays down and stays smiling. Melts me to my core.

-How obsessed he is with Lady. Sometimes when I run out of ideas of how to entertain him or if I need to shower & get ready for the day, I lay him down next to Lady and he just smiles and giggles at her, then tugs at her ears. She ends up running away from him because she starts to pull and scratch him. 

-He's starting to get attached to me. I'm kinda ok with it! When I would see kids attached to their moms and kick and scream when they were left without them (like all those times I babysat), I would always pray my babies wouldn't be like that. And maybe when they're older I will hate it, but for now with my little one, I really like it. He knows I'm his mama.

-Enjoys being face out in the wrap now. Before he would get over stimulated and fuss but now he loves it! It's how we do errands and go on walks when he doesn't need a nap.

-He doesn't like to nap in the afternoon unless he's in my arms or in the wrap. I started to hate it, and wished he would go into his crib but I love the way he feels against my body I just let it be. 

 -Last Sunday (March 10), he saw his own shadow and laughed at it.

-Last Saturday (March 9), Drew was watching him while I was photographing a wedding, and he wouldn't take the bottle I had prepared for him. So Drew fed him rice cereal, he konked out, and even still, slept through the night! We were mind boggled when we woke up at 8am realizing he didn't wake up at 2am to eat.

-He's starting to sit on his own now..well close, not yet. But he can sit for about 10 seconds before he gets weak. And only on cushion type furniture. But no back support! I can't wait to set him anywhere! He's also close to crawling. Exciting!

-When he starts to coo- it's not a light coo, it's intense and fierce. He wants to be heard!

-Since traveling in a car so often during Hawaii and then the road trip to Utah and back, he has learned that when I start unstrapping him, it's time to get out of the car seat. So he'll weasle his way out and open his arms up towards me and start to whine. Sometimes annoying but mostly cute!

-He reaches for me and knows I'm his mama. Like really knows.

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Megan Hollenback said...

gosh i love when they know who their mama is! so special :)