Apr 30, 2013

Finn at 3 months old

All photos taken at 3 months old exactly. Written on his 6 month birthday.

Looking back on these photos - I look tired. Like really tired. But getting back into the mind set of what I felt when he turned 3 months- I thought I had it down to a science. But seriously, everyday with Finn, he gets more and more easier! Like I've said in previous posts, the newborn thing is just not my thing. It's probably everyone else's.. so... what does that say about me? It says I like my freedom! I like going outside! I like nursing but I like to do it without being covered (and having a newborn that eats every 2 hours kinda makes you want to stay inside than wrestle a blanket or nursing cover). And I like playing with my baby. At this stage, playing with him became REALLY fun. He started laughing on demand (like really, I'd look at him suddenly and he'd laugh his head off) and Peek-a-Boo became an hourly game. I also got his nap schedule down to a perfect science and by 3.5 months he was sleeping 12-13 hours a night! I don't say this to brag to all my friends that have babies that are barely sleeping 8 hours and they have older babies, I'm only saying this to remember. Remember how awesome he was at sleeping (and still is at 6 months) and hoping that he'll always be a good little sleeper..because everyone knows how much I love my sleep! I really thinks its genes that determine how good they are at sleeping. The Lundquist side, we sleep hard. And we take naps.  I also love his nap time because I am able to be productive. I'm not one of those moms that can stick em in a swing forever, I start to feel guilty come like 10 minutes of it. The first coo or whine from him, he's outta there! Besides his awesome sleep habits and what a fun baby he was at this stage, he was also seen as a giant baby..and still is! Very tall and hefty. Not light bones but hhhhheavy ones. He also had such a strong neck (really since day one) but it became very apparent when he was put next to other babies his age, how strong he really was. This could either be a really great thing in the near future, or we are in trouble! ;)

4 months- 3 & 4 days old (below)

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Amy Neal said...

aww! your blog posts make me so excited to have a little one of my own!