Apr 28, 2013

Finn at 2 months old

I took all these vertical photos below the day Finn turned 2 months old. This was the time when I started to notice quite the personality from Finn. He was a quiet baby.. and loved to cuddle. He also recognized people he knew, especially me, as his mama. That melted my heart everytime. I didn't leave him often, I think the first time I did was during this month, and it was just a quick errand at Target while my mom looked after him. His tongue was always out- no matter what. He didn't fuss much, but the times he did he REALLY fussed. Like the one time Bree was home visiting from Hawaii and we went to Salt Creek to watch the boys surf and walk on the trail. I knew it was close to his evening nap time but wanted to see if he would fall asleep in his carseat... well the wind was blowing SO hard when we got out of the tunnel, it blew the car seat cover right off and he was miserable. So we turned around and put the massive stroller back into the car, and then Bree held him in the Ergo so he could nap while we walked. He hated the wind until he was almost 4 months old. 

His eyes were very blue at this point- to where you just knew they'd be forever blue. Ever since they keep getting lighter and lighter.

His fists were always shut still..like the letter "A" in sign language. I always anticipated the day they would start to stay open (they do now and he's just about 6 months)

Christmas was over by the time he turned 2 months..but we were still singing "Away in a Manger" to him and had to get out of that habit. So we changed it to Twinkle Twinkle & "If you're chunky & you know it, chunky chunk" song. Still loves em both.

2 months 5 days old
I hope he will forever have his amazing triangle mouth- I'm so in love with it I kiss it alllllllll day long. Just like his Daddy's lips.
The black & whites above was during a time when Drew left to record music in Utah... I think 11 days? We kept busy by meeting friends at the beach and going on walks. I also photographed a birth (see here) and Finn had to come because we didn't know how long I'd be there and he was still EBF. So he sat in the waiting room with the families waiting for unborn child. That was a treat for them! ;)

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