Oct 22, 2012

My Birthday

My birthday was super simple which is exactly what I wanted! I was very uncomfortable from the basketball on my body so I opted out on a weekend trip in San Diego (kicking myself now because I would kill a man to do that right now..strangely not as uncomfortable as I was then.) but it was perfect! We woke up late and ate good breakfast, opened gifts (iPhone 5 & a nice pair or Nike's running shoes) then headed up to Emerald Bay in Laguna to spend the day with family and a few friends. Lindsay brought lemon custard cheesecake with cherries on top (favorite!) and my parents made sandwiches for everyone to munch on all day. My grandparents were able to come which was fun because it's Grandma's birthday too! Then we went home, sunbathed and all, and quickly got dressed in my birthday outfit from Lindsay (thanks again!) and headed off to PFChangs for a delicious dinner! We didn't even care about how much it was, we ordered everything under the sun. It was perfect! We talked about the future, near and far, and laughed at how many bathroom breaks I needed. Ha.

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Amanda Jane Jones said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady. :) Happy Birthday!