Oct 24, 2012

Drew's Birthday

Drew's birthday was quite the day! Well, I had some making up to do because for each birthday the last 4 years, it hasn't been that awesome. It always ends where I feel really guilty for something- like letting the weather get in the way (rained all day last year so he couldn't have an all day surf day like he wanted to) or letting recovering from a surgery get in the way of an awesome night in a hotel in Park City. So this year I was going big. And not gonna let my big belly get in the way. No WAY!

We slept in for his birthday (he is usually up at 7, no later which sometimes means I am too..) so we had a late breakfast..german pancakes with vanilla syrup. Yum! And ice cold-slushy like orange juice. 
I couldn't wait for him to open his gifts. I had them wrapped up since early September just in case the babe decided to make an early entrance- and once again his birthday would be gipped of fun things.
A black vintage globe, new sweats because he's been sportin super old ones for our entire marriage, a shirt he doesn't fit in anymore (surfing shoulders will do that I guess!) and BLACK KEYS tickets! They were for later that night in SD. Drew was stoked about that because he hasn't seen them before! And on his morning walk with Lady, she found a NIXON card with credit on it. Like $7. Ha. One time she found a $5 bill..Drew was stoked.

 Then we were off to Rivi for a pastrami sandwich, his favorite cheddar chips and some surf.
 I took him to this place in Carlsbad that I love! Forgetting the name of it now, but it's very good. Bistro something. They have GF everything!
He was in heaven with his meaty pasta and chocolate desserts. The 27 year old man loves chocolate!
A quick shot of us outside the restaurant.
This crazy man Andy that we met at the show. Funny- in this photo Drew is holding his vodka mixed drink so he can get something out of his wallet. Wild story but I wanted to take a photo to remember. He added to a crazy night. One that maybe a 9 mo- prego chick shouldn't have participated in, but glad I did!
Love you babe! Hope this birthday was the best!

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