Oct 11, 2012

Maternity Photographs

My dear dear dear friend Amanda (and Ella & Ben) were nice enough to take these for us. She JUST had a baby, well had by these photos- so it was really sweet of her to walk down a trail to take these. I love having these pictures WITH Drew because he is as much apart of this babe's life and my pregnancy as I am. I couldn't have asked for a better partner through it all. (Although I did tell him the other day I would appreciate it if he stuck on an extra 25 pounds that includes a fake belly and walked around for a day. Just to appreciate me a little bit more :)I was 32.6 weeks pregnant and looking at these now (as 38-39ish weeks)..I think there is no way that was 5 weeks ago! NO WAY that my belly was that big then. Looking from above, down at my belly, it really doesn't look that big. But I realize it is by photos and people's looks when I'm out and about. Haha. I will tell you- shop at Trader Joes while pregnant. They treat you like a queen! I love it! And the Post Office. I go there a lot selling Etsy stuff and they'll let me cut in line or box up my stuff for free! It's amazing!

Had a check up yesterday. I am dilated to a +1 and more than 50% effaced. Bring on the babe!

Click here to see her blog post and here to see her amazing family they've created!


Shauny said...

These are beautifuL! Love them! Amanda did an amazing job! Where did you get your dress! So in love!

Chris and Britt West said...

these are so beautiful!!! we love these..can't wait to meet the little guy!!