Sep 23, 2012

Yesterday's Beach Day

It's technically "fall" but it feels more like July. In the Bahamas. It's soooo humid and hot people have to be in the water to stay cool.. Unless you have air conditioning (which surprisingly we have!) but I know that baby is coming soon and so my days in the water are numbered. My little sister Bree gave me an underwater camera case for my phone and seeing how I got a new phone a few days before, it's fitting that I test it out! Here are some.

Amanda took the ones of me. Love having a fellow photographer around who gets it! :)

I have 22 days left until (one of) my due date(s). He is really so low it's hard to walk.

see below- he's punching his knee 


Castleberry Photography said...

second one...with finns foot...has gotto be THE coolest photo I have ever taken!!

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

haha so cute