Nov 10, 2011

Day 16: Ubud, Bali (last day!)

This was our last day spent in Bali and we were going to get to the heart of it. But first we had to take advantage of the buffet breakfast, and I decided to show you how we kings & queens! We took more than needed because we are cheap, and hated our sleeping arrangements (loud music) so thought we'd get more out of the money we gave them for each night :)

We decided to see the outskirts and go where the locals go. It was an all day adventure of getting lost, eating food and seeing the COOLEST stuff I think I have ever seen.
 Not sure why we were stopped here, maybe it was for directions.

We were on this one main street in the middle of no where and stumble upon these art shops and run down gallery spaces. So we went into a few. Then we went into an antique shop that had items dating back to 700 AD and possibly before then. The owner was Hawaiian so we could talk to her a bit about everything and if we could afford any of it. She said that if we really wanted raw material stuff, like woods and wooden boxes, then we should go to her warehouse. So we did! It was down this dirt road which reminded us a lot of Bingin Beach because there were shacks along the side of them with chickens walking in the puddles. She said "look for the green gate." And we found it! So in we went.

Ever wonder where places like Anthro get their in-store furniture? Um here is where they get it. Just kidding, I have no idea, BUT everything looks JUST LIKE IT there and it's all 95% cheaper! Just get it on a boat and it's yours. When we have a home one day, this is where we will be shopping. No joke. If you want to know exactly where this is, we have the business card and number.
Above are door frames and parts of headboards for beds.
Drew was loving all the deer head. He wanted to bring one home SO BAD.

Above is the wood that they used to duplicate benches & bed frames and doors. The actual wood is really old too. But some of it's not.
I think I stayed by this bench for 15 minutes, just staring at it. I asked him how much it was.. he said 1 million (to use, $100 !!!!!!!!!!!!) I was FLIPPING OUT. I needed it shipped right then and there. But where would I have put it? So that's why we'll be back.

Above is headboards. Amazing!

 Those window treatments above are VERY Indonesian. So cool! We were so inspired.
More deer head! These photos were mostly from Drew's camera.

That bird was another piece Drew wanted to take home. It was so big though and I didn't really know what to do with it.

I bought a box from this shelf for only $15 ! It's not really a box, it's like a holder. They used (and still use) them for grinding up this sort of tobacco that is red, and they'd put it all over their teeth. Still not sure what or why but we saw many people (one woman in particular at Bingin Beach who wanted us to pay to drive on her property with our scooter) with red teeth, and then we figured out why when we bought my little crate.

After the amazing warehouse, we headed off to find some grub. It ended up being pretty nasty and we didn't eat much. Drew made an appt. for us to get full body massages so we didn't have too much time.

Now we were off to the spa! Drew let me get my nails done too. I loved it because I felt so dirty.

I knew I wouldn't be much of a massage girl because I am so ticklish. But I knew I wanted something because I had never really had one! My ankle still hurt, so I told her not to push on it or do anything with it at all. Well after that, she barely touched my entire body, while Drew was laying next to me and was getting POUNDED by his lady. I was a little jealous, but it's okay because I probably would have been tickled.

After getting my nails done here, I have decided that all spas should be outdoor. It was so nice having the air on my skin and not smelling all the nasty nail polish stuff. They had a simple pink plastic bucket for the warm water and soap. It was all so genuine and perfect. Drew just sat and watched. They gave us tea and honey dew during our waiting times.

Then we went home to change/pack before dinner. We left our stuff at the front register so that we could leave when we got back from the night so we could stay in a place close to the airport. After we changed, we drove around on our bike on more back/city routes.
This was in a bead shop we became obsessed with. We bought a few mermaid Christmas ornaments and grabbed a business card because they do online bulk orders. Maybe I'll sell them on Etsy? They make so much money and I think a lot of people would love all the things they make, by hand.

Locals playing volleyball.
Here was the most amazing bridge surrounded by jungle, and really close to the city. We wanted to eat dinner on a terrace over looking the jungle, but it was overpriced and empty. Not how we wanted to spend our last night! 

We drove around and watched the sunset over these beautiful rice fields and open lots ready for homes to be built on. (Our home? :) Then we found a place to eat, and boy was the food a delight!

I do have a lot of things I wish I could have changed about the entire for instance, never taking cell phone shots, and only taking them with my film camera. Or packing MUCH lighter than we did. But for the most part, it was a dream vacation and exactly what we needed. Who wants to come with us the next time we go?? :)

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