Nov 12, 2011


Wasn't yesterday supposed to be a good day, just because of the day? I've been one of those people that notices it's 11:11am or pm...all the time, and I do make a wish. Call me crazy but I totally do it and have done it for about 10 years. So I thought for sure yesterday had to be THE BEST DAY.

I woke up.. wasn't that awesome. I didn't sleep very well, because of our new pup Lady. I haven't told you about her yet, blog, but yes we got her and she loves to snuggle behind our ears and on our necks and spoon with us. It's so cute and fun to wake up with her, but it's really an all night struggle because she snores and wants to use every part of your body as a pillow. She sometimes even shares my pillows.

I'll tell you more about her I'm sure in more posts. This post is just for getting things out of my head.

So I woke up tired and did my Friday ritual of Grey's Anatomy on Hulu. Then Survivor, even though I wanted to run to the store to get milk and eggs..I continued to stay in bed. It was 9 am by now. Then I started doing laundry.. and hadn't showered yet because our shower has been clogged from sand. So that's a joy.

Then I get a call from Anthropologie asking me where I am (at 10:10am).. I was confused because on my calendar I wrote 4pm shift. Dang. Mess up there! So I got ready really fast, like lightening bolt fast and ran out the door. Then, within a mile from my house, I got a ticket for speeding. Dang. I go that fast in that specific area all the time! And I'm pretty sure the rest of traffic was going that fast, I was just the last one before it went red. So that was a joy! Got into work around 11:20 feeling so terrible, my hair a mess because I didn't have time to wash & dry it. When I got out of my car, I stepped on two nasty banana peels that had probably been sitting there for two days, just rotting. That was also fabulous. Then at work, I was not on my A game because the morning was so frazzled for me. I'm totally one of those people that needs to be prepared for EVERYTHING. If any part of my routine gets changed up, I am mind boggled for the rest of the day. But, I went on with it and even cooked dinner last night. But the house is still messy and the laundry is not done. I need to wash my hair (doing that right now!)

I have a lot of film to look at, a lot of the house to clean, and a lot of grocrey shopping. Then I have my ticket to look at so I can schedule a traffic school date, as well as pack for our week trip in Utah. Yipee!

Okay I think I'm done venting. That was nice.

I also have two family portrait sittings listed- 8 in Utah (november 19), and 8 in California (november 26). There are about 4 left for Utah, and all 8 are available for Orange County. See here and here to see details and book me!

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Cason and Marie said...

Such a cute little puppy. I am sorry for the not so good day...I hope you had a better one today! xoxo.