Aug 20, 2011

How we spend our days..

We have been putting in quite the hours at the beach. Sounds lazy right? Nah- more than half of the time spent there is out in the water. Each morning we wake up at 6:30, I force breakfast down my belly while Drew piles the boards into our bug (quite the site!). People see us coming into the Doheny parking lot with my white bug, UTAH plates, and sometimes up to 5 boards with the top up (obviously).. like I said, quite the site! Then we decide if we want to pay 1 or 2 hours. It's usually 1 because I mean come on, we do have to work at some point right? Lately with the swell, we have been putting in two, then going back to pay for more. Or Drew leaves to go work and picks me up an hour later. I love it! And I also love how we are part of the crowd and are given waves because they know us. During the day, I'm usually the one going to the beach by myself or meeting someone. If it's really nice out, Drew will come too. Then we sometimes go down to surf at sunset, but only if the mom's have taken their kids home, otherwise it's a joke trying to get a long ride. Here are some recent beach day photos:

Abby, Drew & I - Taken by Jessie--- this was at Emerald Bay. If you know anything about Emerald Bay, it'd be that it can get pretty massive.. and I was laying down because I almost drowned, like 4 times.

You can always rely on us to meet you at the beach! Just let us know where and we (or I) will most likely be there!

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