Aug 15, 2011

DAY 1: LAX--> Singapore

Our trip this last May to Southeast Asia was about 17 days. Singapore for 6 and Bali for 9. The reason for this trip? Drew and Parlor Hawk's keys player- Mark were to be play for 5 days- every night at a club called TAB. They would pay for their everyday food and let them sell shirts and CDs. They even paid for Drew's flight over! We wish we could have had the entire band come out, but that's usually not what they do...  over the next few days I'll be posting our everyday happenings so I can later remember our trip. Just a few months since being home, I'm already forgetting little details that I wanted to remember. It's taken me forever just to get them organized and ready for my blog.

While packing, I had a real dilemma of which cameras to take, and how many. I ended up taking my digital (it's the size of a newborn with the right lens), my 35mm film camera and my holga. So you may see a few different mediums throughout these posts. I also used my phone to take photos because I knew I wouldn't have my cameras at all times.

Another dilemma I had, we weren't totally sure if we were going to Bali or Thailand after our stay in Singapore. All we knew is that there was a 9 day slot of doing nothing and we knew once we'd be there, we'd have to go somewhere else since it's a lot cheaper to fly around the countries there, then from the US. (duh).

Two days before this, we unpacked our stuff from Utah and put it into storage. It was a crazy few days.
We went up to LA a little early to hang out with my sister and her boyfriend. Went out to eat ( I ate at Chipotle, which I'm so glad because it was the last mexican food for 2 weeks!). Brady picked a spot on a ritzy LA street and they ate a super nice meal. 

I had never flown overseas so this whole international airport situation was strange. But very exciting. It
was 11pm at this time. I was prepared with banana bread homemade from Stella's and 3 books. I read 5 People You Meet in Heaven from LA-Singapore. It was a short one. Drew was listening to the book- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, actually not sure which one, but it was the second one of the series. He kept getting confused, and Mark later told him he wasn't reading them in order. Haha.
Above- we are in China, waiting to get on the plane to Singapore. The airport was terribly hot. No air conditioning. And when I tried to buy a $4 bottle of water, they wouldn't accept any bills that were the tiniest bit crinkled or smudged with chocolate (a reoccuring problem of mine).

Mark's brother Paul came with us which was really fun. It was a party everyday. I kept joking with Mark (on the right) for wearing pajamas for a 21 hour travel. He said I would regret not wearing my PJS. Ya right, I had my nordstrom jeggings- I was plenty happy.
This was us getting into Singapore. Boy was I THRILLED. Many many hours on a stinky airplane. Drew & I switched off from sitting in the middle & aisle seats and let me tell you, the middle seat was the worst because of the man sitting next to the window. He had extreme ADHD or something because he wouldn't stop moving. Luckily he fell asleep for about 8 hours so we were then able tos sleep. Drew ended up picking up his huge body and shoving him closer to the window because he would fall asleep on his shoulder. Gross. Wow, how do people travel all the time from country to country? I think once a year would be just enough for me. Too many passport checks and security stops for my liking.

BW- ilford 1600

 This is when we met our new friend Fiona- she's a Singaporian. She was working with TAB and filling in for someone that usually picks up the bands from the airport. Fiona even had a sign that said "PARLOR HAWK". We of course thought that was the greatest thing. We could feel the air coming through the doors and were a little hesitant to walk around the doors- because of how humid it was! It was amazing. 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Here we go.

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ThE RoOkIeS said...

Wow that looks awesome! How fun! My brothers and dad went to Bali and loved it! So jealous! Love the pictures!