Jul 28, 2011

Peculiar Thursdays #4

I totally forgot about my "Peculiar Thursdays" until I remembered how I really want to start recording funny memories, before I am 60 years old and can't remember those funny memories. The last thing I want is that. So here I am, writing another funny story.

You know that game NERTS? Well our friends Halen & Asher would play it all the time and taught us so we could play with them. I had heard of it before but never really played it. Either had Drew. Needless to say, we did really bad. They beat us and rubbed it in our faces. Being the best friends that we are, we went home and practiced, but we didn't tell them that's what our plans were. Anytime we had spare time together for the next week, Drew & I, alone in our living room, battled eachother at NERTS until we became really good. The next time we played with them, we beat them! They were SHOCKED and it wasn't just the four of us playing, I'm pretty sure it was around 8 people and Drew & I both won a few different times that night. It was hilarious because the last time we played, we did terrible! We loved it and still talk about how funny it was.

We miss our friends. I get too sad thinking about it so I try not to.

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Halen said...

We miss you, and you're sneaky Nerts playing!!