Jul 27, 2011

Endless Summer

Yesterday was one of those perfect days. Of course each and everyday has speed bumps, but yesterday was perfect. Here's how it went.

7am:: Wake up
7:15am:: In car with surfboards
7:20am:: Surf
9:15am:: Get out of water, unwillingly but needing to get home and work
10:30am:: Get a call that Sam, Drew's brother just got dropped off at SLC airport.
12pm:: Done with work, get picked up and taken to 3arch Bay, grabbing a large diet on the way and forgetting lunch :/
2pm:: Brother-in-law Sam meets us at 3 arch
3:45pm:: Leave 3 arch
5pm:: Pasta dinner with bread while watching "The Pursuit of Happiness"
6pm:: At Montage Beach for family photo shoot
7pm:: Surf sunset
8:20pm:: Head home
9:30pm:: At Aliso theaters with family watching Harry Potter

I swear I work. But somedays I only work 2 hours and it's the life! Drew had to stay home all day working, which was a big bummer. We didn't know Sam was coming either! We thought it would be today! Bad planning. So with his deadlines, he was stuck at home. But it was still a fabulous day. I keep telling my family that I feel like I am supposed to head back to Provo at any moment. Then I realize I need to get more beach time (if 5 days a week, all day most the time is not good enough). But I am here! Forever! (I hope I didn't just ginx myself!) We really are beach babies and I couldn't be more happy. I have a great job, great husband, great home in a more than great location. I am truly blessed.


Kelsey Cole said...

this sounds like the best day:) I have never surfed before, but it is a dream of mine to do so one day. I'd love to wake up early in the morning and hit the beach. what a perfect start to the day:)

ThE RoOkIeS said...

Wow sounds like a blast! I feel the same way about being home...after 5 years in Utah I keep thinking we're going to have to drive back...I'm so glad that we never will either!