Jul 20, 2011


The view from our upstairs. If I moved my camera to the far left, you'd see the ocean.
A little-DIY project for us. We got this dresser for free, but it was an outdated wood finish, so we quickly went to Walmart and sprayed that sucker with many many coats. It now sits in our white office. The top drawer are all my stationary and stamps and the bottom two are now called "junk drawers". Pretty sure I have to spend a full day organizing them so I can fill them with pretty things like more stationary. Or fabrics.
The view from our office/guest room. We need to figure out where to put our wet-wetsuits, but for now, they lie on the outdoor table we got at IKEA for 30 bones. And we need chairs.
Drew hates this color "bronze". What do you think?
These are a few of my favorite parts of our new home here in Dana Point. There's still a lot of furnishing and decorating to go so these are just spots of it. Can I brag and say we love living here? We are a three minute drive to Doheny, and that's if all of PCH is shut down and we had to figure out a different way to get down there. It's that close. We feel so lucky and blessed to be next to one of our favorite places to surf together and in such a good ward. It's actually the ward I grew up in for most of my life. Our street can get very loud sometimes, especially since we leave our windows open for the ocean breeze, but other than that, we totally enjoy it. The ocean is right in your face and from the top of our street, you can see all the way to the San Clemente Pier. 

Now all we need are friends to fill this home with us. So come visit us! We have a mattress we can lay down in our white room, until we can find the perfect sofa bed to put in front of the window. So come to us! We love to play games, go to the beach, eat good food... if that doesn't sell you enough...I don't know what will!

Film: Sensia Fujichrome 100

ps. like the new blog look? it needed a mega face-lift and luckily my knight in shining armor was there to pick up after my mess.


amanda jane said...

love this and love the new look too. beautiful!

jonballphoto said...

Dang sweet. Hope you enjoy your new place. I really like the new size of the images.

flexMD said...

feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelm. pretty pretty. miss you guys.

La Esposa said...

a belated welcome back to CA! I think I like the bronze color; at least as an accent.

We'll have to come see you guys soon. Cal's getting pretty big =)

topsy said...

love the new look of this here blog. cool pictures, can't wait to come see the place.

Ben + Amanda said...

love your home!!

Kelsey Cole said...

I found you from ben and amanda's blog:) I am just in love with these pictures of your home! what a gorgeous view:) and your d.i.y. dresser looks awesome!

ThE RoOkIeS said...

Oh my goodness so jealous! Wish we would have spent more time looking around for a place! We should meet up...we love Doheny we where just there last weekend! I would love for you to meet Jersey!