Jun 1, 2011

New Parlor Hawk songs- in Singapore!

We are so close to start living in our perfect apartment. It will be perfect, because we are picky so until then, I can't really set up my computer and transfer photos from Singapore & Bali. That's just how OCD I am. ---So it's going to be a while until I post about Singapore & Bali...but I thought I'd show you the YouTubes that are up on YouTube right now of Drew & Mark playing while there in Singapore. Instead of posting them here on this post (because there are so many) go to my YouTube account and click the link below. The ones that say "Singapore" or "TAB" are the ones to see. There are quite a few new ones and we don't really know when Drew's next show is..even if it's just acoustic for you all the hear the new ones. My favorite is shown below. It's called "Little Anne"...

I think I might have chopped off the beginning of that song, not sure. I can't wait until it's recorded and on a full record. Maybe next year? :) I never thought I would have a rock star husband. You don't really think about it, like it would happen for reals. And then it does happen and you just count your blessings.

Here is a link to the rest of my videos on my account: