May 27, 2011

Halen's Surprise Party

I was very very busy with finals and downstairs in the periodicals thinking of how I could possibly make Halen's birthday special, seeing as how she made my last birthday one of my most favorite of all. But I didn't have much time to prepare so I thought a surprise party would be best. People love surprise parties and Halen is so well loved that I knew people would make it no matter how short of notice it was. Then I knew I could count on Natalie Gessel for helping me with bringing food and doing last minute preparations before the party. For instance, a cute fabric flag I thought of 4 hours prior to the arrival of guests. I texted Natalie- "If you want, I was thinking of making cloth hanging flags out of scrap wanna do that too? :)" Well Natalie took that as- "you do it yourself and bring it". She texts me an hour later saying she's going to be late because of the fabric flag. Haha! I said no no come over and we'll do it together, quickly. We both were busy and I knew it could take a long time with just one person. So she scurried over with her supplies and we made two! I had extra cloth from my books I made and Nat is the sewing queen so she of course had enough scraps.

The holga film I took of guests writing her notes and waiting for Halen's arrival, was exposed so I don't have any pictures from the night (hence the three pictures above that were before the party) :/ But I do have a short you-tube video of after she walked in. See below.

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