Jan 7, 2011

Utah is so kind to me..

No wonder we won't be staying here past this semester. This happens anytime I come back to UT from California or anywhere where it's humid.. and whenever a new storm hits. I don't have the time to put the band aids on until I crawl into bed, so all day I am just suffering. During my 3D class yesterday, I was outside in the freezing cold without gloves trying to pull apart these small skinny rods that were twisted together, and basically all of my fingers started to bleed. You'd think I'd get used to it by now, but no not really. I think my body knows not to get used to it.


Cason and Marie said...

Painful!! I used to get eczema (spelling?) living in Utah when I was little and my knuckles would crack and bleed. I used to put thick cream on and socks over my hands and then I'd sleep like that all night. It helped relieve the dryness. Try it!! So sorry!

flexMD said...

Utah is doing that to my lungs. Lets get outta here!