Jan 8, 2011

Christmas in SC 2010

It was a real struggle to narrow down which photos to post because I had 100+ to choose from and they all have such meaning to me. Christmas Eve & Christmas day & night was so much fun. Full of traditions like dinner with the Devine's and games post dinner.. and the best part of the two days? Watching the kiddies open their presents. I bet that is so fun for parents to see because it's way fun for me as an auntie! And having Asher here this Christmas was extra special for everyone. Poor Linds really only held him when he was eating because he was passed around to everyone.

The only parts missing this year was Jackson & Drew's family. Next year we will be up in Salt Lake I'm sure for a Capener Christmas..which means a lot of skiing (yes I know how to ski now) and eating. Can't wait!!!

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