Jan 26, 2011


My Dad took Drew, Bree & I to Flemings Steakhouse in Newport Beach. What a treat that was! We wished mom could have come with us but she wasn't feeling good. I don't remember the last time I had steak that good. I ordered a skinny one. My thing with steak is it takes me like 2 hours to finish a normal sized one- what with talking and the size and how chewy it is an un-swallow-able unless totally chewed. The skinny one was perfect size and very well marinated. My favorite was sitting below, in the basement. We discovered quickly that the upstairs were people that wanted to be seen, and underneath were the families and older couples. It was nice.Then we finished off the night listening to good music while driving to Velvet Yogurt on El Camino. Yum yum yum. Thanks again Dad!!!! It was the perfect ending to a marvelous Christmas Break.

{we were taking these photos because my dad just got his droid and we were comparing the iphone's camera to the droid.}

(I still need to post new years eve & day photos..)

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