Dec 4, 2010


This was taken a while ago, but this is what we've been doing every night once 8pm hits. Laying in bed and start watching a movie. I end up falling asleep within 45 minutes of starting the's sad really. For the past 7 days we've been up at 6 and just work and work and work all day. We're trying to save money so I've been cooking every meal, cleaning up and getting ready for the next meal. I have an art show that I JUST finished, but until I finished it, that's all that I was focused on.. and clients work. Drew too has just been working and working and working. Can Christmas just come already?

Ilford 3200. I took this image because I did a challenge with my professor that I would take one photo a day until the end of the semester. I almost fell asleep so I hopped up and grabbed my film.

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ladaisi said...

Your posts make me happy.

This is what we do with our evenings also.

Also trying to save money.

But. . . I am having a Target Gift Card giveaway this week on my blog if you're interested in entering!

- Lauren