Nov 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Week 2010

It's been a pretty crazy holiday week for me. It started out when I flew to Seattle for a layover to eastern Washington for a wedding in Oregon two days after. Well, the 3 hour layover ended up being a 12 hour layover, then finally it was canceled because of the snow. So the wedding was a no-go for me, and I ended up just flying straight to Orange County to spend the holidays with my family. That night I was spending the night in the airport, my new Nephew ASHER HOLLAND was born! I couldn't be more thrilled and was glad I had something happy happen since I was so bummed about the wedding I couldn't photograph. AND we planned to sleep over at Mitch & Lindsay's house so we wouldn't sleep on a couch at my we got to see the kids all day everyday! Asher is so sweet and looks like a Lundquist. He coos and sings to us when we hold him, and is already so alert at 1 week old. This below is just a phone shot, so I have more to come of them.. better ones of them on their parent's bed.
After Thanksgiving, I had bridals & a wedding in Fallbrook to photograph. Then today, is Melissa's birthday! Happy birthday!!! We get to go bowling and spend more family time together. 
 It was all just a crazy week, but so glad we got to be with family and not wake up to snow and Provo. Next year, we will be LIVING HERE during the holidays! Can't wait! We will no longer have a time and date of when we have to leave.. which will be the best part of all.

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