Oct 21, 2010

Peculiar Thursdays

Peculiar Thursdays is something I wanted to start. Every Thursday I will tell you about a "peculiar" time that either I or Drew had, or together that was memorable or not an everyday happenstance. Most of them are just funny. Sometimes they will be recent and just happened during the last week, or I will try to remember back to other times. A lot of these will most likely be, 'you had to be there' type stories, so bear with me.. it's really just so I can laugh about them later and remember them in full detail.
In the beginning of the semseter, Drew & I were having a really stressful week, and all we wanted were some big diet cokes & a movie to fall asleep to. So we headed over to a corner store and were looking at blockbuster's kiosk. It must have been past 10pm. We were browsing movies and getting silly because it was late and we had already looked through more than 20 synopsis of movies we've never heard of. Seriously, some of these movies were insane and belonged in the game Balderdash. We get to the one pictured above, and Drew says in a deep trailer movie voice "What is ' The Nawma-sock-e' ???" I couldn't help but burst out laughing!! And he didn't why I was laughing (which made it that much more funny)...until I explained to him that he pronounced it like he would sushi.. We left without a movie and just laughed ourselves to sleep.

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thobeka said...

that made me literally laugh out loud! thanks for that :)
great blog...