Oct 20, 2010

All About Me

{photo taken by Drew in SLC: July 2010}

I have only been tagged once before, and have been a blog member for a good four years now...so it's kinda nice to be thought of. My friend that tagged me shares something in common with me- her name is Elyse! She has a cute blog and you can tell just by reading a few of her posts that she is a great writer...and she's honest! I love honest bloggers. Makes me think that it's okay to have a blog and say whatever I want to say. 

Here are the questions that she asked me, and then after, I will "tag" people with different questions:

1. When you were little, what did you always want to be when you "grew up," and how close are you to making sure that happens? I wanted to be a broadway singer and a writer. Not a book author but more of a journalist. I think the writing idea came from the fact that I was did really well in all my english classes, so it was a rewarding subject, and the broadway singer idea? My first and only singing coach grew up doing broadway musicals in NYC so she would give me those kinds of songs to practice. And I am no where close to either...I am a photographer. But I notice that in my personal & fine art work, I am leaning towards photo journalism because I love to document so that future generations can look back on my photos and have references.

2. What is your favorite thing about your mom? I love her sense of humor. She can't be married to my Dad without a sense of humor. Her serious side becomes balanced when you can notice her light heartedness. And I also love that she likes clean things, like me. So when I come home, everything smells good, is brand spankin new clean, and she tries to make everything clean by the time my Dad comes home from work at 5. 

3. In 5 years, where do you see yourself? And do you really think you'll get there? I see myself with kids and living by the beach. I also see myself still a photographer and hopefully a better one than I am now. And yes I will get there. I know it.

4. When you have free-time (yes, i know, what the heck does that mean?) what do you like to do? I am ALL about free-time! This all depends on which night it is.. Sunday vs. Thursdays or Mondays vs. Saturdays are totally different. So I'll give a variety of answers. Cleaning and organizing.. Photographing. Shopping (this is a new habit). ReadingUpdating my blog. And when I'm real tired, I like to watch TV.

5. Name three adjectives your Husband would use to describe you. Well, I just asked him and he said- genuine, loving and beautiful. Cute right? He's a sweetie. Okay next question.

6. What is the strangest thing you've ever done? Shoot, I don't know. I am not a very adventurous person by myself, so nothing pops into my head. Maybe this would be one- when I was barely 16, maybe 15, I went to a Coldplay concert and was able to squeeze our way down to the "teen" section on the floor...and when Chris Martin walked out into the audience, I bolted so I could get close to him, and when I was finally close, I got so nervous I stuck my hand out and squeezed his hip. Like his love-handle area. He had to stop running because I was squeezing it. Haha. I would never do that now.

7. What are you listening to right now? Drew showering. I have a headache from eating something with gluten yesterday- so music doesn't help.

8. Why do you blog? I blog because it's much easier to type than to write. And I used to be an avid- physical-journal-writer. I have the constant urge to document everything, whether it's exciting news or everyday life, and I think the inventions of blogs was a perfect idea for everyone like me. You can easily upload photos (and we all know I have hundreds of them) and it's a lot harder to do that with a physical journal unless you print out photos of each journal entry. Every time I make a post, I think about what my kids will read one day, or what I will want to read to remember a specific time. I put a lot of hints & clues in my posts so that only I or Drew will know what I mean, because it is a public blog. The clues are like reference points or landmarks in our lives. One reason I would probably stop blogging would be because it is a pretty narcissistic way of documenting...pictures of myself, writing about myself...and I am not seeking attention or praise or critiques from anyone but I have to remember that that is what a journal is...it's all about me So literally, every day I have to remind myself of that.

Now onto the tags. I tag:

You guys don't have to do it...you may already do this kinda stuff a lot, or you hate doing these... just thought it would would be fun to hear a response!

My questions for you four are this:
1. Do you have a go-to meal that you cook because it's either easy, tasty or you've grown up eating it? If you know the recipe by heart, please share!

2. Are you a thinker or feeler? Explain.

3. You're stuck on an island by yourself, what would you bring with you to keep you company?

4. Do you already have baby names picked out even though you may not even be close to having babies? AND did you start brainstorming baby names when you were young? Do you remember them?

5. What's your favorite fast-food chain and why?

6. If you could go back in time, what time period would you choose and why?

7. What's an instrument you're interested in learning to play? If any at all?

8. Pretend your Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love.. where would you go and why?


Rob and Elyse said...

So Fun to read about you!! Thanks so much for playing haha! And the picture of you is stunning!

amanda jane said...

Fun! I've never been tagged before! I"ll have to give it a shot! Thankyou for thinking of me.

AND, you DO look beautiful in that photograph! I second the above comment. :)

emilia. said...

oh good questions! love #8! :)

Carrie & Patrick said...

i really like your thoughts, and that sexy little photo of you. hope all is well. you and your man are super talented!