Oct 17, 2010

Our lovely bathroom.

{Delta 3200}
Is there one place or room in your house that bothers you so much?? Like to the point where you it doesn't matter how much money you use to fix the problem? Even if you're a renter? That's how I feel about our bathroom. It's always clean, but it never looks clean, it has these nasty 70s style windows which are definitely more function than form, every time you turn the shower on in the early morning when there isn't much sound outside, the dogs right next to us start barking like crazy, most of the time our drain gets filled (which was recently fixed when we begged our landlord to come over and check it out, turned out the pipe was really old) there are brown BUMBLE BEES on the yellow tiles, and our faucet is always leaking so every time new guests come over, they always mention to us that water is leaking and making sound. Yes we know this. 

Within the first two months we were married, I turned one of the knobs to turn on the water, and the knob fell off. I was kind of happy because then our land lord would replace BOTH of those hideous knobs and put new ones. No, he had a big supply of them and put a brand new one of the one that broke off. So the one that DIDN'T break off, is still on and browned, while the other one is cleaner. It's pretty nasty. Again, it looks dirty but it's definitely clean.

For some reason the shower curtain hooks always fall off, so this photo above is normal. I usually fix it but the day I took this image was 2 days after my surgery. I noticed how my house was falling apart and I had only been away from it for 3 days. I was about to  go nuts.

There is no way we would ever bathe in our bathtub. It's so sad. Some days all I want to do is take a bathe for an hour and fall asleep... nope. I never dare lay my body down in that place. 

I notice a lot of Provo homes have pretty nasty bathrooms, so it's alright. And ours is even a lot bigger than most people's. It's only when we go to our parent's homes that I feel okay to take a long shower.  Drew loves showers, and he'll shower anywhere because the hot water relaxes him. He will shower for 20+ minutes (which is okay because we don't have a water bill) but me? No I get in-get out. 

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Elyse said...

Sounds EXACTLY like our old bathroom in our Provo house! I cleaned the bathroom so well and it still looked nasty! And I missed taking baths so much.