Oct 15, 2010

Drew's Birthday

We did dinner & french silk pie (I'll give the recipe later) for Drew's 25th birthday. The next day, his birthday, Drew & I headed up to Park City for a photo shoot, then I planned as a surprise, a stay at a Marriott villa. Below are images of him opening the presents I bought him.

Oh man I was praising the heavens when Drew sincerely loved all my gifts. He is probably the hardest person to shop for because A. he is happy with what he has already and if he really wants something, he doesn't wait until his birthday to get it. B. he's picky when it comes to art/clothes/music. So I really took a risk by buying him this hoodie & another shirt. He wears them both everyday. I got him a pillow because he is sick of the pillow we got from our couple's shower when we got married. It's a really nice one but he's had it for too long. And he loves the POKEYS! Next year Drew, I promise I won't be going into surgery 4 days before your birthday. It will be fabulous! We will be in California and hopefully spending a day at the beach!!!

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David Collier said...

Happy Birthday. We enjoyed the show last night. Thanks for coming into town.