Aug 25, 2010

As of lately..

{photo of me in vegas with Parlor Hawk}
::Realizes he loves the ocean and it's hard to be away from it...ugh DUH!
::Can't wear anything but the colors black, white or gray.
::Just flossed for the first time in 3 years. I've been reminding him to, and just got his teeth cleaned...and guess what they told floss.
::Has a new business plan almost everyday, and researches it for about an hour once he thinks about it...sometimes longer.
::Been staying up much later than me, writing lots of music. Wonderful wonderful music. I'm always the first to hear them..yeah I'm special.
::Decided online classes are the way to go. May not be such a bad idea!

Elise (I):
::Can't talk baby names or I get really excited and wants to get pregnant right away.
:: When Drew is gone, I like to sleep on his side of the bed, but find it hard because I'm not in my element. So I only do it when I am super tired and don't stay awake long enough to realize I'm not in my spot.
::Cooking a lot with the crock pot. Very handy for the busy nights.
::Is addicted to the sun and is bracing herself for the october snow. Considering purchasing a UV lamp.
::Has cut Drew's hair three times. The first time took about 1.5 hours, the second time was a blast and only took a half hour..while sitting in the sun. The third time was a little too short, but it was okay because we were going to the Lake where the temp. was 95+.
::Can't stand the word, STUDIO. Makes me cringe everytime I see or hear the dang word.
::Loves to think of APPS to create...but I forget them by the time I goes to write them down.

:: Are realizing that our jobs make us be apart.. he plays music in different cities & states while I photograph weddings in different cities & states. We have to juggle schedules but it's always fun when we do match them up together, just like we do for class schedules.
::Like to rent movies late at night. I usually have quite the energy to stay up, but have been falling asleep lately. So Drew ends up watching it by himself.
::Just spent a day in Snowbird..reminded me how scared I am of heights.. photos to come!
::Saving our pennies to visit Drew's family in Switzerland... hopefully we can go once I graduate, next April.
::Decided that this summer has been our worst & best summer we've had (separately)...maybe of all time in a really long time.


Liese said...

I am a horrible flosser

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Liese said...
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